Pancha Lama


Shrawan Lama

Born 1970 in Saralahi, Nepal. Enjoyed music and dance from a very young age, and turned professional in 1985, acclaimed as a " bansuri genius. " An iconic musician in Nepal, his recordings and musical appearances on television, radio, and movies number in the thousands. He has toured India, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, and Uzbekistan as well. Since coming to Japan in 1994, he has made performances all over Japan, with Tokyo as his base. He was invited to play at the Osaka International Garden and Greenery Exposition, the International Cooperation Festival, and Awaji International Garden and Greenery Exposition. He has also made appearances on television commercials. In 1996, he started " Chautari Band, " a band with a mix of Nepalese and Japanese members. Its first album " Chautari " won the hearts of the Nepalese and remains a national favorite today. Often transcending musical genres to play with musicians from around the world, in February of 2002, he participated in the CD of Masashi Sada, a famous Japanese artist. His music, nurtured by the Himalayan soil, is " expansive and rustic, " and " overflowing with the beauty of nature, " and boasts overwhelming support in Japan as well.

Begins his study of percussion in 1993 in the capitol, Kathmandu. In 1997 his performance at the “Casino Ana” marks the start of his professional career. In 1998, he completes his study of music at the Irabad Sangeet Mahavidaya Graduate School Irabad Sangeet Mahavidya University and begins to make radio and concert appearances and studio recordings. Arrives in Japan in September of 2001. His appearance in the Northern Kyushu Expo brings him together with Pancha Lama, and has been active with him in Japan. He also participated in the album of the
Japanese artist Masashi Sada, release in February of 2002.